Problem with old Blindwrite image

Hi people,
Last day I was trashing looking for some old backups and found an old Blindwrite image, it was created before blindwrite 4.x was released. And now when I open blindwrite 5 and try to burn the image, it says that this format is no longer supported.

Is there any way to burn it?, using other software? which?

I hope you can help me with this. The image is from Rogue spear (:slight_smile: i told you that it was very old), and I saw that it hasn’t any kind of copy protection so it’s only a image format problem or something like that :confused: .

[Sorry for my english]

you can download old versions of Blindwrite here.

Thanks for your answer,
but the image seems to be corrupted, blindwrite 4.5 tells that some sectors are lost. Anyway I tried to burn the image using Dao pq, but the result it’s unreadable.

Forget it. I was just wondering if i could play one more time that great classic, but if it’s not possible, i don’t care at all.