Problem with Norton and fragmented disk

I have recently started running Norton System Doctor in the background. The red light is showing and it’s saying that I have a fragmented disk and the optimisation level is at 76%. I used the ‘Speed Disk’ tool in Norton to optimise the disk and there’s a large chunk of ‘unmovable’ data. I restarted after scheduling a repair with Norton Disk Doctor. After restarting I tried to optimise the disk again, but the ‘unmovable’ data is still there and the red light is still showing on the System Doctor icon is the system tray.

I know the unmovable data in windows defrag is the System Volume used as the pag file. Perhaps Norton uses the same schema?

If possible, move the page file to another drive if you have and try a defrag (not to an external drive or Windows will crap out).

After it has done an analasys it shows that the page files are orange, but the unmovable date is red.

Use a better defragmenter. Norton Speed Disk has REALLY gone downhill in the past few years. For modern OS’es the only defragmenters I can recommend are:




Everything else is a waste of time and money. Especially avoid DiskKeeper for two very good reasons:

  1. Written by freaky scientologists. Every penny spent on it helps keep Katie Holmes enslaved.

  2. It is known to corrupt data in rare circumstances… but often enough that reports of it are all over the Internet. :frowning:

Sorry Garbrown02 I have to agree with Gurm that Norton is past its sell by date but completely disagree with him regarding Duskeeper. I run Diskeeper 10 and have never had any problems - nor with previous versions. I did try 0&0 and Perfect Disk recently but in my opion both failed to come close to Diskeeper 10.