Problem with NFSU, safedisk v2.9 protection

Hello every one! This is my first time in forum!
I have this problem,I have NFSUndergound original and I want to make a copy.With other games I use first CloneXXL to find the protection, then CCD profiler to make a profile and finally CloneCd to make the image and then burn it.It works fine every time!
With NFSU, I scan the cd with CloneXXl and it tells me it has Safedisk v2.9.
When I go to CCD profiler,it has only up to safedisk v2.8 profile!
I am stuck!!
I have use alcohol 120% and Blindwrite and made an image, but both of them find alot of errors during the procedure.But I havent burn any of the images.
What can I do?
Thanks in advance, goodbye from Greece!!

Welcome MANICK :),

you can still use CCD profiler for SafeDisc>2.8, the settings are same. About you NFS backup you’ll need a 2Sheep CDRW or DVDRW drive to create a ‘1:1’ backup. So what drive are you using?

p.s. ClonyXXL is a bit outdated check out this thread Copy Protection Identifying Guides.

You could always use “alcoholer 4.1” as your profiler, since it will create profiles for other programs (alcohol, blindwrite…) as well as cloneCD, and has a profile for sd 2.9 and above.

The read errors that alcohol found are normal, as they are part of the safedisc protection. Could you also let us know the make of your cd-rw drive?

Thanks for answering me. I am using TEAC CD-RW. So the errors in alcohol are normal?
I will try to use ccd profiler with safedisk >2.8 protection and see what happens.
By the way,I tryed alcohol but it took me 30 minutes and the percent of copying was 0.4%!! Is this normal too? What do you mean 2sheep cdrw? If my cdrw is not 2sheep compatible I cant write the game? I found some software in the forum to test my cdrw.I will have a go and tell you!Thank you,bye from Greece!

The errors in Alcohol, BlindWrite and CloneCD are normal just take a rest and relax they’ll end around 10.000+. Which profile did you choose for dumpung the image using Alcohol, sounds like your Teac isn’t able of ‘fast error skipping’? What are the test results of your drive?

I finally wrote NFSU using ClonyXXL for identifying the protection,then alcoholer for the profile and then cloneCD to write the cd. I used a NEC DVD-RW to write the game and not my TEAC CD-RW.Thanks for helping me and sorry for the delay but I had problems with my pc!Bye from Greece!

Using PIII 1000B, 512MB RAM, 40GB HD, TEAC CD-RW CD-W552E, NVIDIA 128MB, ASUS DVD-ROM 52x,Creative Live 5.1 with Win XP and Linux.

I have alcohol 120% and alcoholer 4.1, I am using a plextor PX-716UF. What do I need to do to get started? I heard something about needing CCD profiler. Is this true? Is there a guide out there somewhere? I am trying to backup my Doom 3 game. Any help is apprecited. Thank you.

Creating a backup of the used SafeDisc 3.2 is hardware dependent. So I would suggest creating a mini image using this guide