Problem with new SH-S182D firmware [SB05]

SB05 refused to burn MCC 004 discs at faster than 4x. I have now gone back to SB04 and all is OK again.

Something may have gone wrong with the flash process. This is my results with MCC 004 and SB05.

That’s interesting. I just flashed to SB05, I’ll give an MCC004 a go. :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for a test :bigsmile:


Doing one now :slight_smile:

Certainly the drive was reporting that it should burn up to 18x ok - but it would not go beyond 4x. I’m new to this drive so I am not sure if the drive would slow down if it found the media to be substandard.

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Do you have DMA on?

Yes. If others are having no problem I think it was probably the drive adjusting for poor quality media. A very few MCC 004 can be dodgy in my experience.

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Is this on your clockwork PC? :stuck_out_tongue:

@zebadee - clockwork?

Thanks [B]Arachne[/B] :slight_smile:

It seems that the new firmware likes MCC004 media :bigsmile:

No problem. SB04 did as well…all flavours.

I must check this firmware too. Currently the drive is not installed in my computer, so I’ll do tests soon :slight_smile:

@A_T - reflashing may help as suggested. Where were your MCC004 made?

I ask because I burned one MII MCC004 successfully at 18x, then the next one tried to burn much slower til I stopped it. The third burned well, and is the one linked to in this thread. You may be right about it adjusting for lesser quality media.

They are “PAPA” MCC 004 - which I believe is MIT by CMC.