Problem with new dvd burner

i got iomega super dvd dual layer 12x dvd±R/RW drive recently (like 3 days ago)

it burns cds fine, and was working for dvds, but now it doesnt.

i load nero, create the video dvd as ive done hundreds of times and it starts burning, writing the lead in.

but thats where it stops the light on the external dvd burner stops flashing after about 20 seconds, the timer keeps goign up and time remaing goign down, but it stays at 1% and never gets past the lead in. and keeps goign indefinately…

it also locks up the comp slightly, so IE wont open etcc until i ctrl alt delete, close nero 6 and then unplug the USB cable from the drive.

this is a new drive, im using ritek premium grade 4x disks, any ideas why this isnt working??

please any help before i go mad and throw it through the window would be greatly appreciated! or ill send it back, since i spent 125 quid on it!

ive tried removing drive from windows and letting it redetect it, ive removed and re-installed nero, i followed the xp guide at the top of this forum and disabled the xp default burning stuff ive made about 25 coasters!!

please help!

i am SO never gonna buy an external burner . . .the TROUBLE people have with them ! anyway, i assume you have connected to a USB 2.0 high-speed connectivity port ? needs it for optimal performance so i read

yeah i have

I assume Iomega External USB 2.0, like Freecom External USB 2.0 uses a third party DVD burner. Freecom uses, usually Lite-on and Toshiba. If so, try to determine the brand, can be done with Nero InfoTool. As a first step.

try your external drive on another computer and see what happens. Also try diferent media! well thats the eaiest thing to do :confused:

also how old is the nero you are using? will it run on firewire as well?i have an ext. hard drive and it runs great on FW but it can not feed data to my putter in usb to burn over 4

could take it out of the case and stick it in your computer, if you have room. Or take it back and save some money buying an internal drive.