Problem With New Disney Movies

I’ve been trying to back up Ice Princess and Bambi Special Edition, I’m Using AnyDVD And DVD43 In the background, i’ve tried to rip with dvd decrypter then through dvd shrink, i’ve tried with DVDClone 2, everytime i rip it i get the vob files working but whenver i burn it on a dvd cd with nero it cant be read in any dvd player in my house or on my PC. i know the dvd cds work because i’ve burned 2 other movies yesterday with the same batch. i’ve tried about 6 times and still no luck any help would be nice thanks :slight_smile:

Just by using the latest AnyDVD version, can you copy/paste the entire DVD to your harddisk (thus decrypting it) and use DVDShrink on the harddisk copy?

Yea i can get it on the hard disk working, its when i burn it on the DVD cd that it doesnt read, i’m going to the store today to buy a new type of dvd disk can see if that works

Argh, so many issues!

Ok. ahem

  1. Don’t use AnyDVD and DVD43 at the same time. DVD43 doesn’t work anyway, and probably interferes with AnyDVD.

  2. There’s no such thing as a DVD CD.

  3. This COULD be a media issue. If you drag and drop the files to your hard drive and they work there… then the problem is with your burning process. :slight_smile:

i tried with anydvd first then looking around this and antoher forum ppl were talking about dvd43, but i bought some new DVD-R and DVD+R sony and Memorex gunan test with 2 new types of dvds and see how they work. and by dvd cd i ment a dvd-r but dvd cd is easier to type.

righto, step by step plan recommendation:

  • close all programs
  • play disney dvd in pc dvd rom using favourite playback software
  • shut down playback software and fire up anydvd
  • copy/paste entire content (both VIDEO_TS, AUDIO_TS and all other crap) to a directory on your system
  • shut down anydvd
  • play content on the harddisk using the same playback software
  • shut down playback software
  • fire up dvdshrink and perform deep analysis scan on harddisk content
  • shrink harddisk content to 4.5 gigs using dvdshrink
  • shut down dvd shrink
  • play shrinked content on the harddisk using the same playback software
  • fire up nero and write shrinked content on a dvd
  • shut down nero
  • play freshly burnt dvd using the same playback software
  • test freshly burnt dvd in a standalone dvd player
  • remove 15 gigs of data on your harddisk :slight_smile:

One last suggestion. Buy small quantities of disks until you are sure which makes work with your burner.

I have heard stories of people getting great deals on 100 blank DVD’s which, much to their sorrow, they later learn are not compatible with their burner.


If you have to play the movie before ripping… your hardware is borked. I always love it when people say they have to do that to make it work. It means their machine is bunk.

I agree if your using AnyDVD, Shrink, DVDD etc. However, DVD43 a couple of versions ago had to be kick started to make it work right on the best of systems. :wink:


Not necessarily. Codecs and sources may be blocked by other programs, playback software sets them free for data transfer.

Ok fine, maybe your hardware is ok but your SOFTWARE is borked. Either way, it indicates some other problem with the system. I have NEVER had the “gotta play it” problem on any of my machines, and when people I know have, a quick reinstall of the affected drivers and software cleared it up. :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Got a roblem burning “Bambi 2”. I’m using “DvD decrypt” and “DVD shrink”. I’ve tried “VOB Blanker” but it doesn’t seem to work. Anyone got a clue?


Yes. My clue involves the following:

  1. Don’t crosspost.

  2. Don’t dredge up six-month-old posts that aren’t related to your problem.

  3. I already answered you in your other post in the other forum. :wink:

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Use ripit4me, dvddecrypter and dvd shrink works for everything.