Problem with new anydvd update



Hi guys,

i have tried to update to the newest anydvd, but when i install it, it comes up with the 21 days left of your trial, usually my reg key, is automatically switched over. I have tried double clicking the key, but it still says registered to nobody. My clonedvd key transferred alright, when upgraded.

Cheers for any help


Have you got a legit key ?


yes mate, all paid for at


Did you contact Slysoft support? I am sure they would help you out with it.


Why do’t you try uninstalling it, when it asks you do you want to keep your registration information, say no. Then do a new install and click on the key.


i have tried that, when i install the old version again, when i turn my computer on next time after installing it, sometimes it come up with the same message.


Maybe it’s time to drop Slysoft an email, they may suggest something we have overlooked here. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


This happened to my dad. After the trial period was over his key kicked in. wierd…