Problem with new and Lady in the Water R1 Dvd

I just tried to back up my region one Lady in the Water with the newest anydvd and something is wrong. I use Clonedvd and only the first 5 titles are shown on the screen with the check boxes. None of the titles for previews or extras are shown on that screen. I tried Nero Recode and Dvd Shrink and they wouldn’t even load up the dvd. I reverted back to an older version of anydvd and then Clonedvd displayed all the titles and I was able to make a backup no problem. Shrink and Recode were then able to load the dvd too. I’m not a noob with this stuff. Could please check out Lady in the Water region 1 with your new version of anydvd to see if I’m right.

I have the same problem with the dvd “good night and good luck”. With, the trailers don’t show up, they do with This is one of the few discs where I wanted to save the trailers. Also noticed that says there is fluxdvd and bogus title sets on the dvd, where doesn’t say this. The dvd rips fine with also.

Here is the fix: 2007 01 28

  • Fix: With some DVDs having VOB files with zero length, fluxDVD
    protection was incorrectly detected

wow, that was fast. cool.

did you resolve your problem maxxjulie,cause i have the same problem with lady in the water

Are you using AnyDVD-HD