Problem with new 3520A

Hi I’m pretty much a novice when it comes to installing hardware so forgive me if you’ve seen all this before.

I’ve just installed my new NEC 3520A drive - it sits on the same ribbon cable as the drive I’ve removed, and there’s also has a second older DVD drive attached to it. The new NEC is set to MASTER and the old drive (which is in the middle of the cable) to SLAVE.

Although Windows XP recognises the drive, and shows no problems with it or its driver, the drive doesn’t read any form of CD/DVD - but it does however recognise that a CD has been put in. The other older drive works fine.

What am I doing wrong if anything, or is it a faulty drive??

i’m using an nVidea GeForce graphics card, a Yamaha SW1000XG soundcard - could there be a conflict of some sort??

Please could you help, I’m getting a bit desparate now… :confused:

Boot into BIOS and verify that all hard drives and optical drives are seen and set to use AUTO detection. Save and exit. Reboot and go to Device Manager and remove the Primary and Secondary IDE channels. Reboot and verify that devices 0 and 1 in Primary and Secondary IDE channels are set to use DMA mode. Save and Reboot. Verify that all devices connected to Primary and Secondary IDE channels are running in DMA mode. Make sure the jumpers on the hardware are set to Cable Select OR Master/Slave if there are two devices connected to the IDE channel.

You may need to remove all burn applications and retest.

i’ve looked at the settings in CMOS (is this another version of BIOS?) and can’t find anything for auto-detection - it appears to recognise the drive though.

Windows XP recognises the full name for the drive but sees it only as a Standard CD-Rom Drive, as it does with my other DVD drive. Is this normal?

I’m also not sure what you mean by removing my primary & secondary IDE channels from device manager. As in uninstall them? How will this help?