Problem with new 3.2.10 version DVDFAb

I have had DVDFab for some time and gone through many versions but I have a problem with the last upgrade.
Here it is: I convert avi movie files to DVD files using the program ConvertXtoDVD. This produces the typical folders “audio_TS” and “video_TS” with the video folder containing VTS movie files. I then open the DVDFab program and indicate these files as the “Source” on the DVDFab screen. But it is here that I have problems. The Browse for Folder window opens and I choose the DVD folder but when I click “OK” the whole program closes down.

I have done this in the past but doesn’t seem to work now.

Any suggestions?

If you click on write data on the left hand side and then choose the directory, it will work. Just thought I would pass on some information. Their are other’s here with more expertise than I.

Thanks for the quick reply but the same thing keeps happening even if I go to the “write Data” screen.

Try converting the .AVI files with Imgburn in build mode then burn them with whatever you want.