Problem with net




My friend has a problem with the internet. He just got tiscali broadband and when he clicks on internet explorer it just doesn’t work. I haven’t tryed installing mozilla yet and I don’t want to until I know for sure that internet explorer is the problem. I forgot to ask if MSN Messenger, YIM, AIM works.

I made sure windows xp firewall was on/off. Any other solutions.

He’s using Windows XP, don’t know what service pack


We need a lot more information. What brand of broadband modem is he using. Is he going straight from the modem to the pc, or is he also going through a router or switch. After he hooked up the modem to the pc, did he try going into dos and entering “IPCONFIG /RELEASE” then “IPCONFIG /RENEW”, to pick up the correct IP address for the modem. And, did he run the modem configuration utility.