Problem with nerovision (nero 7)



my problem is the following one:

I have nero 7 and at the time of doing dvd with nerovision when finishing the dvd’s they are impossible to be seen. Don’t work. The buttons don’t work.
I need your help.
With nerovision express SE (nero 6) I don’t have this problem.


tostadin wrote: The buttons don’t work.

What you mean by button doesn’t work? button on nerovision?, if yes then your S/N is not being seen by Nero is legitimist one try to get proper S/N.


I think tostadin is talking about the buttons on the DVD menu. Do you save it to the hard drive before burning? If so, does it play back in Nero Showtime? If you are transcoding and burning directly to disc, you might want to try burning to the hard drive first and then to disc.


Yes, I’m talking about the buttons on the DVD menu, in few words, the DVD don’t work correctly. I save the project in the hard drive before burning and play back in Nero Showtime and still don’t work.


Welcome to CD Freaks;Does the size of saved project matches the size of project (DVD Video) ripped ? if yes then try to play it back in none Nero media player and if the size is not the same then you probably just ripped an image instead of actual file.


I had the same problem, though it was one DVD in a set of 6. I didn’t bother to check the buttons, since they had worked before. I was not using animated buttons.

My issue was with a specific file and the template, I don’t pretend to understand the connection, but the bad buttons happened twice. The first time I thought it was that PC had rebooted before completing the burn. The second coaster had me investigating.

I didn’t use the template I had created from the default, but located one of the others where the buttons would work–not all of them worked. I modified the operative template until it had the appearance I wanted, going back and forth between each change to make sure the buttons still worked. It was successful, the DVD plays, the buttons work.


With some versions of Nero 7, if you put a video for the background of the menu, the buttons won’t work.