Problem with NeroImportDataTrack to alexp

Hi everybody & Alexp.

I programmed an application using NeroSDK, in MSVC++ 6.0, this works fine with CD / CDRW to create multisession discs, too when I write DVD the burn process is ok, but when I try to burn a DVD two or more sessions I can’t to import session > 0 the proces to impot is:

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if (0 != (m_NeroCDInfo->ncdiMediumFlags & NCDIMF_VIRTUALMULTISESSION))

		OldIsoItem = NeroImportDataTrack (ndhDeviceHandle,
		                              pVMSInfo->nvmsiNumSessions -1,
		writeCD.nwcdpCDStamp = ppCDStamp;
		NeroFreeMem (pVMSInfo);

		OldIsoItem = NeroImportDataTrack (ndhDeviceHandle,
		writeCD.nwcdpCDStamp = ppCDStamp;

	if (NULL != nidti.nidtipVolumeName)
			comodin.Format ("Nombre del disco importado: %s", nidti.nidtipVolumeName);
			NeroFreeMem (nidti.nidtipVolumeName);
			m_estado_de_importacion = true;
	if (NIDTR_NO_ERROR != nidtr)
			static LPCSTR errors[] = {
				"an unknown error",
				"a generic error",
				"a drive error",
				"a read error",
				"a filesystem error",

			if (nidtr > NIDTR_INVALID_FS)
				nidtr = NIDTR_NO_ERROR;

			comodin.Format("Ocurrió un error tratando de importar la sesion: %s ", errors[nidtr]);

Please can anyone helpme ? is urgent for me.

I think that it is a bug in NEROAPI.DLL or a lock hidden code or anything.

Tanks a lot.

There is one basic problem with your code but I am almost sure this is not the cause of your trouble. A NCDIMF_VIRTUALMULTISESSION flag is really not supposed to be used as a parameter to NeroGetVMSInfo(). No flags are yet defined for this function, so you must pass zero here.

Also, please note that DVD-+RW discs may have a VMS flag set and still have zero sessions reported in nvmsiNumSessions. In this case your code would happily try to import a session whose sequence number is -1.

So, you are saying that you can burn the first session successfully and all subsequent imports fail. Is this correct?

Hi Alexp

Tanks to response do quickly.

Yes my dvd burn works fine at least two times to burn, in other words, I burn the first sesion, when finish I import the session number 0 and burn the session number 1 with information about the session 0 and new files that produces the second session…now when I try to burn the session 2 NERO can’t to import this session and I can’t burn subsecuent sessions.

have you any idea ?
tanks newerly.

now when I try to burn the session 2 NERO can’t to import this session
Unless this is lapsus calami, you can’t import session 2 if it does not exist yet.

What error do you get when import fails? You are specifying NBF_CLOSE_SESSION, aren’t you?

I didn’t try to impot more than 1 sesion each time.

I burned the first session numbered 0 , when finish, I import it, and I create the new session numbered 1, finally when burn process finish I try to import the session numbered 1 a due to create the session numbered 2, but I get the next message:

“error trying import session, a drive error”

yes I was specified NBF_CLOSE_SESSION when call NeroBurn.

what thing I was ommited ?

Well, I am not sure about this, but there are at least three things you can try to move the issue a step further.

There could be a limitation of some kind that prevents you from burning session after session without exiting your application. Did you try exiting you application and retrying burning session 2 (assuming this is supported by your application)?

As a last resort you might want to try burning a few sessions with both NeroCMD and Nero app itself and see how it goes. If this works, perhaps the problem is still in your code.

What is your currently installed Nero version?

I was tryed all these things inclusive burn two sessions using NERO BUNING ROM Application … And continue with the problem without the possiblility for import session numbered > 0
NEROAPI.DLL version =
Nero Burning ROM version =

Are you saying that Nero itself is not able to import session > 0 and burn a new one? What about NeroCMD?

If you really tried all that and nothing helped, I can only advise you to try to upgrade to the most recent Nero and see if that helps.

Im tankful a lot with you.

I was trying to burn in DVD+RW media, and I tryed with a DVD-R ,media and SURPRISE, all works fine, I can to write & import session that are numbered > 0, just I must change media DVD i.e, use DVD-R instead of DVD+RW …

If You want, I cant share all my code to anybody in the comunity for resolve a lot of troubles that people have (I seem to much).

Cheers Ramiro From a beautifull and problematic country MEXICO.

Hi Ramiro.
I`m writing a program with NeroAPI for burning CDs and DVDs.
You wrote that you can deliver a code sample.
Would you help me please? I´m in trouble and I would be very happy if you could help me.
Thanks for your time!