Problem with NeroExp, IMGBurn, Win7 Burner

Hi folks, I’m experiencing a weird issue with my burner/burner software.

Drive: ASUS DRW-24B3ST
Software: Nero , IMGburn

I’ve been using Verbatim Azo DVD+R (MCC) discs with this drive without any problems for 9 years. (burned about +500 discs)
Last week I run out of DVD+Rs so I had to use discs from a Verbatim CMC AM3 DVD-R spindle.
Burned 1 disc with Nero Express without problem, but then I had 2 coasters. (this was upsetting because I rarely had coasters before )
Swithced to IMGBurn… coaster again.
Skipped the file and tried another surce file and got 1 more coaster.
Rebooted PC…
To be sure about the drive and software, I tested it with a JVC Taiyo Yuden DVD+R and it burned ok.
Well then it’s probably a faulty batch I thought…
I moved on with a Philips DVD-R RITEKF1 but got 1 more coaster!
.o0O (Wtf my drive doesn’t like DVD-R media?)

I tested it again with a JVC TY DVD+R again and got a coaster again ! ! ! Weird.

This is the weirdest part:
I tried using Windows 7 Explorer and it burned 5 discs without any problem.
(All burns and fails were at x12 speed)

What could be the problem? Any ideas?

I think that your burner may be dying; not surprising after 9 years. You could try slowing the burning speed to 8x though to see if that limits the coaster rate.

You should also use Smart Burn 3.5.5 to clear the learned media from the drive. Also you could try to enable hyper tuning from there. If this does not work, your drive is dying.

Do the burns finish? Or stops the writer? Do the burn software show any error-codes?

Reading is no problem?

Here is the error report from Nero

phillips fail 2.txt (13.3 KB)

It’s a burn attempt at 8x on a Philips RitekF1 DVD-R

After this fail, I burned the same data on the same media type using Windows 7 burner without any problem.

Nero displays “SCSI command aborted” error before failing.

BTW I have noticesd Nero reports false info about my system;
Windows Vista 6.1 <<< (it should be Win 7 SP1)
AMD64 <<< (Intel i7)

=== Scsi-Device-Map ===
CdRomPeripheral : ASUS DRW-24B3ST 1.00 mv91xx Port 7 ID 1 DMA: Off >>> (DMA Off ? how come?)

If the drive is dying, why does it fail only on Nero and IMGBURN while it has no problem writing with Win7 burner?

This SCSI-error is not so rare on Nero but don´t know whether it the Nero-version or the OS.

Some ppl say this is a specific problem with Nero and DVD-R. I use Nero 7 and 12 and don´t have this problem.

But if Nero shows such messages it can be also a problem with specific burner/media-problem.

Windows 6.0 is Vista, 6.1 = 7 (weird, i know, but Windows 8 = 6.2, 8.1 = 6.3 etc.)

Not sure if there ever was a selection of DMA-mode in the SATA-standard; IIRC SATA ALWAYS use DMA while PATA can use the very old PIO-mode

I had in the past big problems with the W7 embedded burn engine (not all data burned, especially with DL-media) even if it say the process was successful, but Nero works.

Hard to say what´s wrong.

Try the drive on another computer.Live vice versa.
If there’s no way to go to the store.
If it’s good there:
Turn on DMA.
Remove the programs. Use a portable program.
SCSIStatus (x02) = Drive not ready.
ImgBurn. Turn off the Reserved Track.
Try Verbatim DVD + R 8X DIGITAL MOVIE. It can burn up to 8 times. Try 4 times.