Problem with NEROCD95.VXD

I have Nero

When using nero cd speed i always get this error (the typical MS blue screen) during seek times test (with reader and writer):

Exception OE on 0028:C14BAC32 VXD NERO95 +000045C2

Enter to close app or ctrl + alt supr to restart…

I can only relate this error either to the fact that i dont have via busmaster drivers installed (i have MS ones) or the vxd is faulty.

I didnt get this error with the standalone cdspeed app from

I also get the same exact error when trying to burn a specific CD on the fly, during the analize phase.

Not that bothers me much but i want to know if someone else has the same problem

duron 700
256 ram
asus a7
ibm hd dtla 30GB
toshiba dvd 1502
acer 1208a

It’s really very simple just turn the speed analyst off.
Works fine for me. Never f*cked up a cd when it was turned off. :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem with all Nero 5.0 series.
my 4.091 works fine because it doesn’t recognize my cd rom, but boy 5.0 and up blue screens, is there a setting to change?.