Problem with nero

every time i try to copy a cdusing nero 5, it all goes well until a thing a thing jump up says save image file and when i save it. i try everything i can and all the help from everyone but it still wouldnt work. the only thing i didnt do is download nero 6 coz it is shareware.

please help me

Nero is not designed to backup (image) copy protected CDs although it can write SafeDisc and early versions of SecuROM.

I suggest you have a look at Alcohol 120%, Blindwrite, CloneCD, burnatonce or look here for some others.

Take a look at some of the guides here as well. I trying to get one of the Blindwrite users to produce a guide/tutorial and hopefully will get one soon.

If you own a Plextor Premium with GigaRec then Blindwrite may be a good choice.

i mean i want to burn a cd not backup image. i found out the problem is that i cant find the CD-rom burner in the place where it says choose recorder, all it have in choose recorder is image recorder. do u know y i cant find CD-rom burner in the recorder.:bow:

If you have a bundled Nero version it is locked to the burner it came with. It is not expensive to ‘unlock’ the bundled version.

im a noob so i dont really understand can u explain more? :eek:

If you can’t see your burner then it means that it’s not the burner that came with Nero or your system is cocked up

is there any way to fix it?

You can purchase an update from in the case you are using a bundled version of Nero (meaning that the Nero cd that you have came with a burner other than the one you are using).

my burner are brand new and it comes with the nero cd but i dont y i cant find cd-rom burner

Click here for the official Nero list of compatibility for CDRW drives and the many versions of Nero Burning ROM.
In any event your problem might be solved by downloading the demo Nero 6.