Problem with nero

Just downloaded the 7850 and it does the same thing as all the others with Vista nero smartstart is invisible
cant see anything but the outline please help Thank you

Have you tried to change colours in Nero, or Opacity in Vista?
I got no problem and i use the default in Vista aero and Nero.
Why not change your Screen background color or screensaver to a darker colour, say Bluesh or greenish as the default in Nero was whitish?

I dont think thats the problem i can see the outline perfect colors are vivid nice and on the inside theres nothing clear see the desktop background. through nero…I can use nero just not startsmart…express works to

Never had this problem naving the same thing.


have you tried it though?

just tried express with some mp3’s sounds pretty good seems to work in that area ill check some of the the other stuff out as well still chaps my ass that smart dont work

Also make sure that if you are using VISTA 32 bit or 64 bit the Nero also match the same thing.

No, I mean changing the colours? opacity/ themes and nero start smart colour theme?

Same thing here. Smartstart is invisible except for the outline.

Any ideas?