Problem with Nero ^^'

Not to be off topic, but i like this forum, its well organized! its better than the other one i go to… lol ok well back to my topic…

My problem is i just got to installing Nero on my grandma’s computer, and i think it’s Nero 6. Well, i set up her movies and everything and when i went to burn it, it gave me the message like “You do not have enough room in C:Documents…temp” file. something like that. Well as the ‘so-not-computer-genius-that-i-am’, i decided to check it out. so i went to C:, then documents… ect. and when i got to the temp folder i wasnt quit sure what to do. well insted of deleting anything i cut and paste some of the biggest files to the desktop. when i when back to nero, the amout in the temp folder had not chaged. anyone no what’s up or have the same problem? all help’s appreciated! :slight_smile:

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If you move things on the desktop, what you are actually doing is moving from a folder to another folder, but the contents will remain on the C: drive.

The desktop is only a folder located on the C: drive. To free some space, you should try this method.

Right click on the C: drive icon, and select properties. Then click on the “Disc Cleanup” button, and let windows remove all unnecessary files. This should free some space.

… really? I’m so smart lol Thank a lot! Actually I did try that, But the amount in the error message didn’t change. Also, the compter has a D: drive and an external drive, should I move everything in that folder to the D: drive?

thanks again!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Moving something on a different drive certainly will free some space :slight_smile:

also is the issue just of space from the c drive or is it just from that folder. aslo what are temp files? i know what temporary internet files are, but what about just temporary files?

(sorry for taking any of your time ^^’)

No problem :slight_smile:

The procedure I suggested is the safest to be sure to not delete some needed files. Usually windows is able to remove temp files not more needed.

However, usually all files in temp folder can be deleted safely.

To be sure, try to move some data files from the C: disc to the D: disc.

Another thing you can do is uninstall some not used softwares. It’s useless to have a software installed if you never use it :wink:

Alight, thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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