Problem with Nero?

I have used Nero for years. Love the program but it is giving me quite a bit of trouble in the past week. I cannot seem to successfully burn a DVD. It all started with I updated the version online. After doing that it will get about 10-11% complete and give me an disk read error. The used buffer read bas is staying at the bottom. I am not sure it this has anything to do with it. In this case I am trying to copy a DVD that is already been backed-up. There is no encoding required. I have successfully completed many this way in the past. I also tried something new last night. I was going to make a picture movie from a buddies wedding. I finished the project and again it gave me an error and quit. I have attached the error message. (It is quite lengthy)

I have tried the following to fix this. I UN installed Nero from my pc. Then installed it from the disk that came with my drive. This did not fix the problem. Is it possible that I am not getting the entire updated version off of my pc? Someone please help because I burn DVD’s daily.

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The probable cause of your problem is that DMA is not enabled for any of your devices.

Check the guide here

I have just learned more about the problem. I sucessfully burned a photo movie last night and also sucessfully burned pulp fiction. the back-ups that I am trying to copy right now are the sopranos season 5. It reads to 10-11% and says there is an error reading the disk. No scratches or nothing. This is very strange.