Problem with nero when burning dvds.. free memory problems

When burning a dvd, the free ram goes real low, and the computer is totaly useless to use.
The memory will go down to like 1-3mb free, then go back up to like 100+ free, and slowly work its way down, and repeat.
What’s the problem?
Btw, my page file stays the same size the entire time.
I have 512 ram, athlonxp 2500+.
Oh and I haven’t messed with any of the nero ultra buffer setting.
Any help would be great, cuz it sucks doing nothing for 15-20 minutes while it burns(burning at 4x so my apex wont skip)

A log file from a burn in Nero would be helpful in understanding what’s happening.

Just trim off the top few lines (which contain your name and Nero serial number) and post the rest.