Problem with Nero UDF



Always had problems with Nero UDF over several dvd drives.

Buring mpg files as data for storage as haven’t got a lot of time to author each .mpg file to dvd-r. Well not at the moment. :slight_smile:

So for example i burn a movie as data in a LG drive say 2.5gig multisession in Nero Express. Burn is ok, Verify is ok and Nero CD-DVD Speed - Tansfer test smoth curve and ok.

Then i want to add another data .mpg file few days later. I put it in say a NEC dvd Drive then i get a requester saying.

The selected track uses a different file system (UDF) from the document type (ISO9660) you have selected.
Do you want Nero to change the document type for you ?

I read the documentation and Nero Express is meant to be intelligent so why does it make the first track ISO9660 and not UDF, when i write dvd-r as above ?

Why does Nero always use UDF1 i hear there is other UDF versions also ?

UDF is very poorly documented in Nero documents. :sad:

So the problem begins if i say no for Nero Express to change this to UDF. the next screen the file list shows no files. But if i say yes the burn is always ok. Verify is ok but more times than not the new tracks are not seen by XP_SP1. But use Nero Express Disc Info tool shows the seessions and all is ok. But still XP_SP1 does not see any session after the first session, even after a complete shut down of the pc. :a

Can you please fix these bugs Nero Express has. :smiley:

BTW- I do not know about Nero itself as i loath that interface so use Nero Express only. :iagree:


Nero Express tries always to create ISO9660 file system, which is the most supported by different operating systems. But this file system has some limitations, even the one of them is, that files bigger than 2GB are not supported. Therefore Nero Express switchs to UDF file system, if you try to burn 2.5GB file, to ensure the file will be burnt correctly. So the first session will contain only UDF path.
The second session will be started as usual as ISO compilation. Because there is a disk in the drive, Nero Express wants to import the last session, which contains only UDF. For this reason you have the option to change the document type from ISO to UDF. Selecting ‘Cancel’ will caose, no files are imported. Else you can see the imported file in Nero Express browser window.
Because the verification is OK and you can see the sessions in DiscInfo, you can assume the files are burnt correctly. Anyway some DVD-ROM drives as well as operating systems prior to WinXP are able to show only the first session.
So this is definitely not Nero Express bug.


Thank you for your reply i use LG 4163B and NEC 3500AG drives which are made after xp release.

I have since erased NERO because of these problems and because of its filters messing my system up with uk digital tv stream capture dvb devices. I now am trying out Prassi ONES which so far is working out just fine for my needs. With all the options that i want, without the clutter of things i don’t need.