Problem with Nero restarting during use

Hi, my name is Rich, and this is my problem.

I can’t burn anymore HELP!!!

I just don’t know what to do. This is my situation, I do all the right things to set up a good DVD, I put in chapters, title, check the sound to make a good DVD, Now it’s time to burn to disc, it starts trans coding, 3 minutes into the trans coding mode, it shuts down, and the main NERO screen appears. Why? Why me? I’ve even down loaded codices the full PAC and it still does the same thing. Please Somebody HELP!!! the CPU was built by me, the Nero Ver. is 7 enhanced, the burner is a HP-640c it was working b 4, i would burn my butt off, all the latest movies but since I relocated to another part of town and my DL speed has gotten a lot better, but I can’t burn also when watching a DL file using NERO Showtime(ver.4) it also cuts off and goes to the main screen.

I have reformatted my hard drive, reinstalled NERO and I’m having the same problem, after about 2-3 minutes of being in the trans coding mode the program just stops and the Nero main window appears (the window that you start on from the very beginning) with no error code no warning no nothing it just disappear.

Hi Rich and welcome to CD Freaks :wink:

Can you just confirm that you are transcoding the authored DVD to XviD/DivX or something, rather than just burning to disc?

Also, have you tried not giving the PC anything else to do when transcoding/burning. You seem to suggest you’re watching movies at the same time.

PS I gave your thread a more informative title so other members know what the problem is right away…

All i know is that, i’m not getting the result that i want and the program is not doing what it was design for, it stops at the begining of the transcoding mode and no i’m not multi-tasking durning the burn process. I have what I have on the HD trying to put it on DVD and it wont go there.

OK if you have your finished DVD-Video you can try and burn it to a blank DVD with ImgBurn:

Choose ‘build’ mode from the menu and select the VIDEO_TS folder with your movie in it. Then click the big ‘burn’ icon to set it going.

So there is nothing wrong with my HP-640c, also I still don’t know why it is doing what it’s doing. So I still have the same problem.

I can’t tell whether it’s your burner or not, but as a starting point you should try another application for doing the burning. It’s a process of elimination to find out where the problem is.

Some of these multipurpose programs like Nero, TMPGenc, DVD Movie Factory like to re-encode when they shouldn’t. I’m asking you to try an application that only does the burning, so we can isolate the point at which things are failing.

ok will do thanks i’ll let you know the out come on tomorrow or tonight as i’m at work at this moment. I’ll DL from the link you posted again thanks.