Problem with Nero Recode

I am trying to use the Recode DVDs & Videos to Nero Digital option to recode a vob file of Miller’s Crossing (just the main movie) so that I can put it on my ipod. I used DVD Decrypter in IFO mode to get the vob file (size of the file reads 5.71 gb). I then use the Standard Nero Digital profile to get the mp4 file. However, when I try and import the vob file nero recode only reads the file size as 113mb on the total size graph. When I get all the settings ready to go and burn it to my hard drive it eventually fails and shuts down Nero Recode. Has anyone seen this? It doesn’t matter if I use Nero 7.0.14 or I still get the same error. All other vob files I have tried work just fine. It is just this one. Any idea why? Any information that can be provided would be appreciated.