Problem with nero express in

I am having a small problem with Nero Express in It will not burn to an image file. I tried it with an audio cd and a dvd, but no luck. It will make an image file using Nero Burning Rom. Not a big deal, but if someone from Nero see this, please check into it.

Copying to an image with Nero Express works fine for me:

  • start Nero Express
  • insert source disc
  • open the sidebar
  • check “Use Nero Image Recorder” in sidebar
  • select “Image, Project, Copy”
  • select “Copy entire CD” or “Copy entire DVD”, depending on the source
  • click “Copy”

I was talking about building a cd or dvd from a folder on the hard drive. I don’t have a problem copying a disc to image. The main thing I use it for is making images of audio cd from a folder of mp3’s, then I mount it in a virtual drive to see how it sounds before I burn it.