Problem with nero cd dvd speed

Hi. I´ve a NEC 3500AG with the firmware 2.1B

I’ve read some faqs but i have a problem. When i try to do a quality test with nero dvd speed the program says that the unit doesn´t allow these function.

What must i do?

I’ ve tried too withe the DVDinfopro but there is the famous problem with the unexistent 2r8 firmware.

There’s nothing to be done. No firmware has ever been released to allow quality scanning with this great burner.

A transfer rate test ,however, is a useful test as to the quality of the burn.

:_( I’ve just bought a suspicious TY discs and want to test them.

Are you suspecting they are fake or just that they are less than premium quality?

A disc quality scan will not tell you anything about the validity of the TY discs you bought. :disagree:

The hub codes usually tell you whether they’re fake or not. You can read more about TY hub codes in the Blank Media forum.

I suspect they are fake because they hasn’t the TY paper of authenticity or the sticker like these

Hub code?

Maybe the batch code? GG007022

They are real. :iagree: