Problem with Nero CD-DVD Speed software

A friend of mine is trying to use this program to scan a disc and they get a message saying “error initializing test”

Any ideas?

Your friend probably doesn’t have a drive that supports disc quality scanning.

Which drive does he/she have, and are you trying to scan a CD or DVD?

This is part of what they typed: LG4167B BURNER RUNNING LATEST F12 FIRMWARE

I thought the above programmed worked with all dvd burners? Oh and they are trying to burn a DVD.

LG burners don’t support quality scanning for DVDs.

I don’t think they can scan CDs either, but I’m not 100% certain about that - I don’t have an LG drive myself.

The CDSpeed program cannot perform a test that the drive isn’t capable of - there’s only so much you can do in software! :wink:

Your friend won’t be able to scan with CD-DVD Speed, as LG DVD burners don’t support scanning.

He/she can do a transfer rate test, though.

Edit: Hehe, Drage beat me to it :bigsmile: - and AFAIK, with my 4167B (and 4163B), they don’t scan CDs, either.

Oops, okay. I didn’t realize that. Is LG the only drive that doesn’t support quality scanning?

There are a few that don’t support it, but it’s easier for me to say the ones that are good at it. :slight_smile:

IMO, the best two are LiteOn and BenQ - both are supported by CD-DVD Speed. And I believe Plextors are good also, but you have to use PlexTools to scan.

DrageMester can probably fill you in on drives that don’t support scanning. :slight_smile:

Plextor drives can use cd-dvd speed only to do TRT or to write a disc, but can’t use it to do quality scans.

All liteon drives can use cd-dvd speed. And also BenQ drives can do quality scans.

Some NEC and some Pioneer drives (sorry, I don’t know exact models) can do scans.