Problem with Nero burning avi's




This is the first time I have encountered this problem, I am not even sure it is caused by Nero, but I don’t see any other possible explanation.

My system is running Win XP Pro SP1, the DVD burner is Lite-On DVDRW LDW-411S.

I have 3 foreign (ie non-US) (Kurosawa’s Dreams, City of God and Frida) movies (all are avi’s, xVID codecs), with subtitles that I am trying to burn on one DVD. They all play fine off my hard drive, but after they are burned on the DVD, none of the DivX players I have plays them anymore, they all crash, and GSpot alos crashes while trying to Render them, even though it renders perfectly the files on the hard drive.

I ran burncompare to compare bit by bit the files burned on the DVD with the files on the hard drive, and there were no errors, the files are identical !!! I have tried different media (CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW, I don’t have a DVD-RW), and it happens with all of them. I am burning in DVD-ISO mode, at 4x speed and 2.4x

The DVD burner works just fine, I just finished burning some other stuff, both in DVD-ISO and DVD Video, and it was all fine. I am really at a loss as to what is going on, and why it happens only with these 3 movies. Could it be something related to the fact that the original movies might have been from a different DVD region, and when they are played off the DVD, the region encoding is still ‘active’ ?

Any idea/suggestion/recommendation would be DEEPLY appreciated, I am at my wit’s end after 4 days of trying all the things I could think off.

Many many thanks in advance.

Mircea :sad:


If I understand you correctly you are trying to play divx movies on a standalone player with the media burnt in ISO mode. Did you try burning them with the UDF format?


Thanks for the reply. Playing them on a standalone will be my ultimate goal, for now I’d be happy if they played of the DVD drive in my PC, whcih they don’t. They do play off the hard drive, though.

I did not try UDF format, though, so I’ll give that a try.



I just tried it, I can now play the xvid’s off the DVD Rom in my PC, but when I try to play them in my standalone (the Philips DVP642), I get some colored squares which vaguely resemble the images in the movie. I had no problems in the past playing other xvdi’s or divx’s on this standalone.


I have the same colored squares problem when playing some Xvid’s in DVP642.
Did you find how to solve this?


Hi guys, I know this is an old post, but I just ran into the same problem. All of my XVID files play fine from my HDD, but when I burn them as data to a cd, they crash all of my media players (Window Media Player 10, Power DVD, etc.) I burned them using Nero 6. A few movies worked, but two of them would not play in Windows XP SP2, but they would play in my Philips DVP 642, although I could not fast forward or rewind. Anyway, I got tired of throwing away CD-Rs and used a CD-RW. After a few tries with Nero, which didn’t work, I erased the CD-RWs and used Windows built-in burning software to burn the movies to cd.

Just drag and drop the file onto your recorder, and after Windows is done copying the temp files, right click on the cd drive’s icon and click on burn image to disc. Slower than Nero, but it worked flawlessly. Hope this helps.