Problem with Nero 8 and NeroGetAvailableDrivesEx

I’am using NeroSDK as interface from Delphi 7 to burn CD/DVDs up to Nero 7 no problem.
But the following code returns no longer the number of installed devices:

   devInfos := NeroGetAvailableDrivesEx(MEDIA_CD, nil);
    if Assigned(DevInfos) then begin
      Result := devInfos.nsdisNumDevInfos;

devInfos is always nil.

Has anybody else encountered this problem?

This is my current initialization of NeroSDK:

      neroSettings.szNeroFilesPath := AllocMem( length( szNeroAPIPath ) + 1 );
      strcopy( neroSettings.szNeroFilesPath, PAnsiChar( szNeroAPIPath ) );
      neroSettings.szVendor := AllocMem( 7 );
      strcopy( neroSettings.szVendor, 'ahead' );
      neroSettings.szSoftware := AllocMem( length( 'Nero - Burning Rom' ) + 1 ) ;
      strcopy( neroSettings.szSoftware,'Nero - Burning Rom' );
      neroSettings.szLanguageFile := AllocMem( 9 );
      strcopy( neroSettings.szLanguageFile, 'Nero.txt' );
      neroSettings.ncIdle.pCallbackFunction := @IdleCallback;
      neroSettings.ncUserDialog.pCallbackFunction := @UserDialog;
      //neroSettings.bEnableOverburn := false;
      //neroSettings.wOverburnSize := 0;
      NeroInit( @neroSettings, nil );//2do error handling
      NeroSetExpectedAPIVersionEx( 6,3,0,5, nil );

Thanks a lot.

I think you better switch to NeroCom in Delphi instead of the old delphiNeroApi. The latter is very out of date.

And where do I find this for Delphi 7?

Send me your email and I will send you the source and a sample application.

I use Delphi 2007 but it should work for Delphi 7

There should be an official download page. Or is this part of the Nero CD?
Where do I get updated versions then?

NeroCom is automatically updated with every new version of Nero. You only have to import the new type library in Delphi. That is the advantage of COM.