Problem with Nero 6, CD-DVD drive, or computer?



Iv had a problems with my computer which lead me to backup everything wipe it and start again. When I copy a music CD from my files I get a good quality CD but when I copy a DVD the sound quality is rubbish. I have to turn the volume up all the way just so I can hear it then it’s still not loud. I have copied a DVD back to the computer which I know is very good to prove that my back up copy was not faulty but when I copy this from computer to disc it’s the same.

Since I had to wipe the computer I have had to reinstall all my software including Nero 6 again. So I’m at a loss of what to do next or what to try as my CD quality is fine I would imagine that the problem is not with my CD-DVD drive but I also use Nero to copy my CD’s.

I have been on the Nero website and downloaded all the updates so I’m now after advice from you guys.


Do the copied DVDs play OK in a standalone player or is the problem just on the PC. If this latter is the case what about the originals on the PC , is the audio OK then.

Are you compressing the DVDs & removing extras & various audio tracks etc or is it a 1:1 copy?

And what do you try to play the DVDs with?


I’m copying movies from my computer to play in a normal DVD player. Once the movie is copied the sound is as bad when I playback on my computer as it is on the DVD stand alone. Iv even copied a movie to disc as data and downloaded it on another computer just to see if it’s the movie its self but the quality and sound was first class on another burner.