Problem with Nero and 2003 Server

I’ve got a Plextor 712A running as my secondary master on my computer. For some reason, the device buffer fluctuates when i burn a dvd image in both Nero and DVD Decrypter. I’ve narrowed down the error possibly to a driver issue, but i’m not sure exactly where to find the correct one or what to look for.

I’ve already ruled out all the possible causes: burner, media, dma, hard disk defragmentation. The reason i say that is because I’ve got a dual operating system set up on my computer. 2003 Server and Windows XP Pro. When i burn the disc (Fujifilm 8X +R) in XP using nero or decrypter, the buffer doesn’t fluctuate and I’m able to burn at 12X with no problems (takes about 6 minutes total). However, when I’m in 2003 Server and I burn with Nero or Decrypter, same thing happens on both programs, the buffer fluctuates and the burn takes about 20 minutes.

I’ve got 4 separate hard drives on the computer and I’ve tried burns from each one with the same result. Burns fine on XP, buffer problems in 2003 Server. I was also able to burn at 12X on 2003 Server initially, but now its now working anymore. Must have been something I installed that switched the drivers or something, but I’m not sure when exactly it happened.

Has anyone ever had this problem before? TIA for any help/advice.

System Specs:
2.4C with 512 MB Crucial Ballistix PC 3200

I’ve already ruled out all the possible causes: burner, media, dma, hard disk defragmentation.

You forgot only one thing! In Win 2000 Server the amount of services that running in the background is much higher then in Win XP! And you have only 512MB installed.
Open Task Manager in 2003 server and you will see how much memory in use.Install one more 512MB chip and everything will be just fine.

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Yeah looks like my memory is a bit strained. I’ve attached a screen shot of my task manager. You really think that’s the problem? Is there any way i can adjust my virtual memory settings to be sure? Man another 512MB gonna cost me $120! Thanks for the input.

If you post your Task Manager>Processes i can tell you how many of them you can kill safely before next burn.

Ok here’s my attached task manager processes. If you see any doubles, just ignore them, I’m getting these images from my remote desktop connection (I’m at work right now :P). I’m currenlty using this server as my domain controller with Exchange installed.

I really appreciate your help.

DJ Lambo

Sorry, djlambo! I’m out of time right now. I’ll answer you later!

wmiprvse.exe , DKService.exe (If you have new Diskeeper9 you can’t start it from shortcut before manually starting service. In older versions of Diskeeper it starts its service by itself.) reader_sl.exe (Adobe Acrobat update service) spoolsv.exe (Printer)

Sorry djlambo! But there are many services unknown to me. Win2003 is not Win XP! I’m really sorry! I post reg file for you. Download it and double click. It adds fast access to list of services from pop-up menu of MY Computer. You must investigate by yourself which services you can disable totally. Check what are DefWatch.exe, mad.exe, MBM5.exe, Smc.exe, store.exe.
i really want to help you! :slight_smile: (468 Bytes)

Its ok. Thanks for you help. I guess i should just invest in another stick of RAM since i need it anyways.

BTW defwatch is norton antivirus, mbm5 is motherboard monitor, smc is my firewall, store is a part of exchanger server 2003 :slight_smile: Guess i know more about my services than you would.

Of course you must to know more about OS that you use! :slight_smile: I don’t need 2003 Server.
I just tried to help you.