Problem with Nero

Hello, I have Sony DW-D22A flashed to Sony DRU-710A. I can’t record DVD on 4.7 GB but on 4487 MB. I tried with Verbatim and Princo media, there were no result. On Verbatim and Princo media it says that is 4.7 gb recordable. What is the problem?

@ BaalBehrit
Welcome:). If I understand your question, you are asking why is the disc labelled 4.7GB, yet you can only put 4.487GB on the disc. It is similar to the misleading info for a HDD. Discs are (misleadingly)marketed as 1kb=1000 bytes, but for a computer 1kb=1024 bytes. There is also lead-out and lead-in space to consider.

Thanx please :slight_smile: