Problem with Nero

Hi all,
When my friend uses Nero and trys to add files to a new cd compilation he repeatedly gets the “Select files and folders” window briefly without allowing him to actually add any files. After approx. 4 times it loads the files in the window and allows him to add them to the compilation.
Any suggestions on how to fix this? I’ve had him reinstall Nero, checked settings, etc. but can’t seem to fix it.
Btw he’s running Win XP Home.

Thx for any advice.

Did he have the same problem with an earlier version of 5.5 Also I would recomend that you also uninstall the XP burner that comes with XP, as this can also interfere with burning sessions at times.

Now when your friend does the burn, is he using the Wizard or the other way.

He’s using the Nero Express interface > Music Cd> Add files> , etc.

Btw how can he uninstall the XP burner?



My Computer, right click on the drive that’s the burner, properties,
recording, clear the check mark on the (I think) allow burning on this drive…at least words to that meaning. Then just ok your way out. I’d reboot before trying to use Nero.