Problem with nec2500&3500 DL Booktype

I have a problem that i dont understand. i have a 2500 (107b5) and 3500 (beta5 liggy) and the problem is when i burn a DVD+R DL with the 3500a with booktype set to DVD-ROM and in cd speed they read at DVD+r DL? i thought it wasnt set on before i burned it but it was as i checked it. i put the disc into my ricoh mp5125a and it read as DVD-ROM in cd speed so it did set it as DVD-ROM. the reason this is a problem as the speed is so much slower with this booktype. the ricoh started at 3.4x and hit 8x speed while the nec (both drives) started at 1.9x and got to 3.8x top and was slow all the way through. is the nec not good for reading DL discs then? sorry but this is annoying as it reads far slower in a newer drive/s. thanks if you can help

you need to run winbtype once to set the booktype and then forget it with the 3500 you don’t set the booktype in cd speed…

yea i know. i used that program and it said it was set to DVD-ROM but when i read it in both nec drives it has a DVD+R DL even thought its set to DVD-ROM which i noticed with the ricoh. i have used every program and all say it set ok. i just done know :sad:

my RICOH MP5125 and LG DVD-ROM drives both read the DVD+R DL as a DVD-ROM so it the nec200&3500 thats the problem. i flashed to the newest beta 7 firmware but the same problem resides. its book typed on the disc tho. weird.