Problem with NEC ND6650A bootflash

Hello !

I have an Fujitsu-siemens amilo pro v2030 laptop with an _NEC ND6650A DVD-RW Drive. I needed to use that drive in another laptop for one ocasion , and so I ended up needing to flash another bootcode and swiched from Firmare 1.42 by Fujitsu to 2.42 , to be able to use that drive. All went ok , did my work , but when I want now to change the bootcode back to get my original firmware back , I am unable to do so. I figure since I had the 1.42 firmware in the first place, I need to use the MASTER Bttocode flasher - but it tells me : This bootcode will not work with your drive.
I tryed to install the drive back with-our changing back my bootcode and firmware , but the bios is unable to detect the DVD-rw. After booting to Windows Vista - windows detects the drive but bios is unable to do so - and I need that to boot cd’s.

I need help , please !

I’m having exactly the same problem with my Dell D600 running XP. Can’t someone help?

I have the same problem to switch from slave to master back. I need help too.