Problem with NEC ND-4550A


I own a DVD player/recorder NEC ND-4550A. Until a few days ago I had no problem at all with it. Suddenly it stopped playing some movies. It reads data DVD disks and game disks but not all the movie disks. I also see that in the properties of the drive it is referred as CD Drive and not DVD Drive. Could you please help me?


Most likely the drive is dirty or just aging and beginning to fail. Burned media is the hardest to read and requires more laser power. As drives age, the power is reduced and the first discs to begin having issues are burned media.

A technical quibble…

“burned media” is indeed harder to read than pressed media, bit it is not the “hardest to read”

RW media takes that honor…

that being said all things die.
As I just commented in another post, even the continents
have been recycled

presuming it’s not a correctable/temporary issue…

Like for instance is this recently purchased media that you haven’t used before?

Is it burned discs that it is choking on or are you haivng problems with certain commencially produced originals?

IF the latter it could be something as simple as a stray cat hair
inside the drive caugit on top of the read head.

Or it could be that the drive is actually dying.

cleaning the drive can’t hurt

but worst case… replacing it with another DVD+/-RW drive shouldn’t cost more than ~$80 (Probably less).

Thanks for the replies guys.

My problem is not to buy a new drive. Actually that was my first thought. But, as the drive reads all the data and game DVD’s and it fails only in some movie DVD’s, which are original, I am afraid that maybe something else happens, like a corrupted Windows file, a driver etc. In such a case the new drive would not work better. What do you think about that. By the way, I installed the latest firmware of the drive but with no better results.