Problem with Nec ND-3550a

Hi, i have a problem with my nec DVD writer. I burn using Verbatim 8x DVD+R DL, verbatim DVD-R 8x also tried TDK 16x DVD-R (which are not very good media :Z ). Every disk burn fine. I tried DVDInfoPro and nero cd speed to check the quality of my DVD burns. Most of times they are at 0% quality :sad: . When im lucky they can hit about 25% quality. Is my drive bad? Thats been about a year since i bought it. What can i do?

nec drives are highly inaccurate scanners , im sure your burns really arent that bad , also if i remember correctly the ideal speed for scanning with nec drives is 5x

I hope its only because of that

I can’t choose 5x peed and I still get 0% quality at 4x.

I was able to set it to 5x but only with the Verbatim DVD+R DL it jump from 25% to 82% which is not bad. But with TDK media its still 0%-5%

are you saying you managed to scan at 5x only the verbatim dl media? could be a firmware issue , get the latest

I got the latest one

you still havnt answered my question^ , anyway use dvdidentifier on an empty tdk media to determine its mediacode and just search for scanning results on the nec forum (just put your drive model in the search box after you in the nec forum,and after your in a scanning thread just run a search in it for the specific mediacode by clicking the “search this thread” on the upper right side…)