Problem with NEC ND 3540A

I have a problem with my DVD writer, it won’t play or burn CDs, when I put one in it just makes a clicking sound and does nothing. The weird thing is it is absolutely fine with DVDs, it will play them and burn them with no problems.

It started to behave like this after Nero had a couple of write failures, first with a dual layer dvd and then with a normal cd, the cd might turned out to be scratched. Since then I have had this problem.

I have updated the firmware to 1.04 from 1.01 and that has made no difference, does anyone have any ideas as to what might be wrong, or is it just knackered? :sad:

All help much appreciated.



Try booting with your operating system disc in the drive (assuming your OS disc is a CD, doh!). :slight_smile:

If it successfully boots to the disc, it’s a software/Windows problem; if it doesn’t boot, the CD laser may be dead.


I have same exact problem. It ocured while burning CD . ISO file.
After that it sounds clicking and not recognize any Cd. With DVD it;s all right.
Is it posible to replace laser for CD?
What are you advise? To buy new dwd rw rom?

I have exactly the same problem as well, on a 3540A I bought 2 1/2 years ago, with which I did not burn more than 30 CDs.
It is definitely a hardware problem, apparently quite common.
My new writer will certainly not be a Nec/Optiarc…