Problem with NEC ND-3500A

Hi, after doing alot of reading in the forums i was quiet impressed by the performance of the ND-3500A so i went out and bought myself one. I allready have the LG 4160b drive which doesn’t support bitsetting (main reason i bought the NEC) and which i shared with a LG cd burner. Now i replaced the cd burner with the NEC 3500 but for some reason my bios won’t detect anything on the secondary ide channel with both the LG and the NEC drive on, when i take off either of the drives then one gets detected. This never happened with the burner being there, both drives were detected fine, so i’m guessing the problem is with the NEC drive. The NEC drive works fine as long as it’s the only device on the secondary ide channel. I’m using a 80wire ide cable, dma for NEC shows as udma2, The dma for my LG 4160 (when it’s on the ide channel by itself) shows as udma4. I tried making the NEC the master and LG the slave but same thing. Looks like NEC doesn’t wanta share the ide channel with another drive. My motherboard is MSI KT3 Ultra2. I have the latest bios installed for the motherboard. With both drives attached to the same ide cable none of them even show up in the bios. Only when one is connected it shows up. But the LG works with another drive the NEC doesn’t. I have checked the jumpers on the back of the drive numerous times switched the drives around from master to slave and vise versa but no luck. please help.

Check both DVD burners’ DIP swutch. Make sure they are set as CS.

Well, i actually tried all configurations, setting the NEC as master and LG as slave and vise versa, i have allerady tried using the cable select method and tried it with both drives at different ends. I also tried using a 40 wire cable instead fo the 80 wire i use. But no luck. The funny thing is that the NEC works great when it’s the only drive connected to the secondary ide channel. i even successfully flashed it with the newest 2C8_SE firmware and i must say the performance is minblowing compared to the LG. It burned the smartbuy + media at rated 8X@12X. I like this burner but this is a big drawback that I have to use it all by itself on the secondary ide channel. Has someone else experienced the same problem or does it sound like a defective drive?

Weird, sounds more like the drives don’t like each other with that chipset. I’ve run into this with my mom’s puter (asus CUV4X via 694X chipset). The toshiba cd drive and the liteon cd burner won’t share the secondary ide controller. Just like you say, no matter what the settings if both drives are plugged in, neither shows up. I just moved the cd drive to the primary with the hard drive. I don’t know what to tell you, maybe a bios update for the mobo will fix it someday. That’s exactly why I don’t use via chipset boards anymore. :sad:

As long as the drive is not defective i will probably keep the NEC. Because from the performance viewpoint it’s great. I did a few burns since yesterday and the speeds are awsome, using the smartbuy 8X+R media and all the burned discs are compatible in my dvd player because it sets the booktype to -rom automaticallly. I love this burner, i just wish i could use it in conjunction with my LG one. The only thing I was concerned about before buying this burner was that it wasn’t a good reader but it has read everything i’ve thrown at it and that too at much fater speeds then the LG model.

It it not possible to put one of the burners on the Primary channel as slave?

I guess it’s possible to configure it primary channel as HD as master and Dvd writer as slave and same with my secondary channel (i have two hard drives) but it would involve moving everhing around in my computer and getting longer ide cables. Now, i’m thinking of maybe exchanging my NEC with the BenQ 1620A because it also does bitsetting. Now, i was wondering that could this be a sole motherbaord chipset issue or could it be a faulty NEC drive?

try primary ide hdd lg, secondary ide nec + hdd.

Well, i took out the LG 4160 and tried the NEC 3500 with the LG cd burner 8520b and all seems ok, i guess for some reason the LG 4160b and the NEC 3500 don’t like each other. lol. I think i’ll just put the LG 4160b in my other computer and use it whever there is a need to write to dvd ram. I have allready burned a few dvds on the 3500 and i’m in love. This is one excellet dvd burner, I would recommend this for everyone ou there shopping for a burner, don’t go for the triple format thing with LG, that’s what I fell for too, but in reality you don’t really use that much if at all. The NEC 3500 rocks!


Glad that everything worked out well for you - and that you stuck with it-

It constantly amazes me that the variety of componants that go into these 'puters from so many sources work together as well as they do-

Enjoy your new found love (I love both of mine too!!)


After burning 100 or so dvds on the LG 4160 and now i’m using the NEC it really doesn’t seem like the NEC is any worse a reader then the LG if not better, it’s definetly better in the speed departement. I can rip a whole dvd in under 6 minutes, which is amazing compared to LG’s 12-15 minutes. In the writing departement it’s definetly better, i had some really cheap crappy media (no name) media id: VDSPMSAB 01 which i bought a spindle of 50, i burned around half of these on the lg and got a few coasters (as in unreadable sectors towards the end of the disc) But i haven’t gotten any coasters yet on the same crappy media using the NEC 3500 and i think the write quality is much better.

Just to clarify, you mean you can copy data from a 4.5GB DVD in 6 minutes? Cause there isn’t a drive on the planet that can rip a full 8.5GB dual layer movie DVD in 6 minutes.

Yes, I meant a single layer 4.7GB dvd not 8.5GB.