Problem with NEC ND-3100ADonly playbacks 20 minutes

Hi, I have a NEC ND3100 that when I try to burn dvd’s with it, they only playback for 20 minutes then stop(if recorded without a menu) and they get a disk error if they have a menu. I tried different media and also doing direct copies from disks that i burned on a different computer. It started doing this after I moved it out of my Dell and into another computer. Also the discs have a guess what would be called a burn mark about a fifth of the way up from the center, with that area of the disk being a darker purple than the outer 4/5th. Any idea what could be up? Thanks

Hi :slight_smile:

Not enough details to start drawing conclusions… :disagree:

Among things that could help:

  1. Media used (brand, model, MID, rated speed)
  2. Writing speed used
  3. Burning software used, exact version
  4. Authoring software used, compression applied, source of the files…

etc… :slight_smile:

media used TDK 16X rated, and also memorex 16X rated. programs used both imgburn and nero 7.0. on imgburn it was iso files created through dvd shrink3.2(movie only + with menu) compression between 65 and 93%. four different movies tried. nero was a copy of lost season 1 from a lost season 1 dvd created with dvd shrink that works. 8x writing speed was used(max)

all discs are dvd+r

What about the 3100 firmware? Do you have the latest version? Could be that these 16X MIDs are not properly supported in your firmware, and that the writing strategy applied isn’t adequate.

About the difference in color, this is normal, that’s where the drive switches from a writing speed to another, it will change the laser power accordingly, and this ends in a different visual apparence.

Though what I suspect, if you have only two “color regions”, is that the actual burn is actually performed @6X and not @8X. It would make sense, then, that the writing quality would be marginal and create reading problems, as these discs you use aren’t very tolerant with low writing speeds*, and should be burnt @8X minimum. Don’t forget that whatever the speed you choose, if the firmware can’t cope with it (= it doesn’t have the proper writing strategy) the actual burn will not necessarily take place at the selected speed…

  1. Check firmware!
  2. Try 8X or even 4X rated discs
  3. My opinion only: drop the Memorex discs.

*the only 16X discs that are very tolerant with low writing speeds are Verbatim 16X -R (MCC03 RG20).