Problem with NEC dvd_rw nd-2500a

good day.

i happen to own a nec dvd writer (NEC dvd_rw nd-2500a) that wont do anything anymore. to be more specific:

it is found as hardware but doesnt do anything if a disc is insertet - meaning that it doesnt show the contents of the disc as well as not giving title/whatever - it just wont read.

ive tried running a few little tests such as booting the computer from cd as to see if windows is the problem but that didnt give any better results either.

since as always the system’s so called help files are worthless and i cant seem to find the reason for the malfunction i thought someone in this forum could help me out. if you have any suggestions as to finding out the flaw or have experienced anything like that described please let me know.

thanx in advance.

Welcome to CDFreaks Forum.

I would say you decribe a dead drive.

Time to buy a new one.