Problem with nec 3520aw

hi to everyone,

I have a problem with my dvd-rw, although it reads and writes dvd’s, it cannot do the same with cd’s (neither read, nor write)… :confused:

I use to have it in my old pc and thought I could save some euros… :bigsmile:, six mths ago I upgraded the firmware (3.04 -> 3.05), and it use to work just fine with dvd + cd

What is the exact error? Could you post a logfile?

the same problem happened to my 3520 a week ago… :sad:

now i putted my old hp9100 that i had on an old box to burn and read my cd’s :rolleyes:

well there’s no error, just that when I insert a cd either to read or write nothing happens ! as if there no disc in the driver

Do the usual things, uninstall both ide channels, then reboot. Also delete the upper and lower filters.

If the motor doesn’t spin after inserting a media, then surely it’s a hardware damage.

upper and lower filters… ? pls explain

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