Problem with NEC 3520



My NEC 3520 was working fine up until a few weeks ago. Recently it has been unable to read anything it has burned properly.
The drive has no problems burning dvds/cds and is able to do so sucessfully. However, once the dvd it has burned is placed in the drive, not all the files are accessible.

an example:

Episodes 1-9 will load slowly and episodes 10-12 wont load or play at all. All the episodes will load quickly and play just fine in any other drive I have used them in.

any idea’s here as to what I can do? Hopefully something that doesn’t involve re-installing windows cause i still have gigs of stuff that I need to burn with no real way of backing it up…


Crap media and/or crap burn.


It’s not the burn, so it’s probably the media. :doh:
I recently ran out of the memorex I was using and started using a no-name brand, some of the ones I have burned have worked, while others came out like the one above.
I’ll buy some different discs and see how it goes. :slight_smile:


I think NEC likes CMC mid’s which are used in Memorex discs, so you can stick with them, but i always recommend only Verbatim :iagree:


What Memorex media have you used and burned at what speeds?