Problem with NEC 3520

My NEC reads great and fasr, but sometimes, usually after writting a dvd, it reads every dvd at 2-3x speed. And when I restart computer than it’s back to normal. I mean it’s ok that it works, but it’s silly to restart every time…

any clues? i thought it might be Daemon Tools, but isn’t… the FW is Liggy 1.08. I checked UDMA, the drive is on Secondary Slave, cables are new, Win XP PRO with SP2

Try it on Master.
Master is better for burners

You didn’t say what program you use to burn and if it sets some speed, and what program you use to see the 2-3X reading speed.

As a test, what happens if you take a clean pressed DVD-Video and use free program Nero CD-DVD Speed test, run it before and after burning and see the speed.

I assume that you do not have any other program that can control the DVD, like DriveSpeed, packet drives, even Daemon tools, at least until the tests are done.

I’ve noticed that with Nero - it seems to use a slower speed for the verify operation, about 3-7x speed. With DVD Decrypter though it uses the max speed for verify about 6-16x speed.

i use Nero and tried on Using Traxdata, Verbatim MCC, eProformance DVDs. I had Daemon Tools, but it’s gone some time now. I’ll try it on master today and then let u know… thanks for now