Problem with NEC 3500AG, it just stopped burning~

I’m having some serious issues with my NEC 3500AG lately.
Its about 1 year old, it served me no problem until recently, it tends to stop burning, i mean yes, it really stopped! in the middle of a nero burning secession.
Normally, it would finish a burn in 10-12min with some Dynex 8x DVD+R, 16x Fuji DVD+R and some TDK DVD-R. Right now, it starts out okay, then at 81%, a fews times in a roll, it stops, but it doesn’t fail the burn, the timer just keeps on going, however the burn never finishes. I tried leaving it on, after 45 minutes it was still at 81%. Another time it would just stay at 13%, which was even worse.
I tried 3 of these media I have and it kept failing me. I wonder why. It was working okay before. I don’t expect its life to be so short as I don’t realy burn that much, probably less than 80 burns in the past year.
Any of you expert out here please help me out.

Try with other media/brands first.
If they fail too, the drive could be damaged.
You could also clean the lens/drive.

Hi ive started having drama’s with my nec 3500ag too, has been working fine up until the other day, now in my computer it says it is a removeable disk and in device manager it says it has been disabled and windows will not re-enable it, someone help please.

having read another post on here saying that one guy had a fault with reading dvd’s, he was advised to make the nec dvd/rw the slave and the DVD/rom the master, i have just done this and this seems to have cured my fault, very odd, worked perfectly for months with the nec as master and the lg as slave and all of a sudden bang, the computer couldnt see it at all, then swapping over master/slave between the two has cured it, strange very strange, any idea’s anyone??

Try to set NEC back to master and LG to slave. Problem could have been solved because Windows redetected both drive’s at boot.

If the problem return, you know the solution.

I have two NEC 3500, both master for over year now, and I don’t have any problems.

Hi there!
I have the same burner Nec 3500AG as u have. I had this problem (it stopped burning at the middle of the Dvd disk and the counter of time in Nero contunued) when I installed Nero version 6.3… I dont remember exactly witch one. I burned unsuccesifuly 3 dvd disks before I realised it was Neros fault, I uninstaled it and I instaled witch I use now with no such problems.