Problem with NEC 3500 (IDE light on non stop!)



ok I have just started having problems with my 3500. im now running vista 64 and sp1 (and its possible sp1 is causing it and not the drive itself). its also a new asus commando to replace the old asus commando that died when i updated the bios (so its possible the mb is to blame)!

when i boot up it all works fine. at some point after this i look down to find the ide light on the case is permanently on, with no hdd access happening. i looked in windows explorer to find the drive had vanished. i pressed the open button on the front of the drive and it does nothing (there is no disc in the drive during all this).

reboot and once again all is fine for a while at least, then eventually it does it again. ive even been burning discs with it so the drive can read and write just fine.

i suspected maybe the ide cable was gone, so i changed it for a new one, made no diff.

any ideas? does it seem like the drive has become faulty somehow? seems like a very strange problem to me, never seen aything like this before.


Personally in hearing of all of the bugs in vista & you didn’t have the problem before (on XP I presume) I blame Vista not the drive.\

I told myself that I won’t get vista until they come out with service pack 2 or untill don’t hear about bugs day after day. :cool: