Problem with NEC 2510A


l have just installed an oem NEC 2510.

I have tried to play a DVD movie but Windows Media PLayer refuses to play it. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening??? It used to be able to play DVD movies through media player with my old SOny DVD rom.

Not sure if this is driver related (as none were supplied) or what.

Any help would be great.


What version of Media Player are you running?
Can you test using other DVD Player software (ex: PowerDVD, WinDVD) ?

All seems fixed.

Tried trial version of Power DVD and it worked.

Tried another DVD movie in Win Media Player worked… then tried original disc that wouldnt play… and guess what… it worked

Put it down to a bug in Win MEdia Player

not sure

Thanx anyway

It probably wouldn’t play initially because you didn’t yet set the region code for the drive.
PowerDVD is good about asking you what region code you want when you first attempt to play a movie…