Problem with NEC 2510A and Nero 6


bought my NEC 2510A a little while ago. Had no problem burning movies etc., but now it is creating coasters when using Nero directy.

Using backup in DVD shrink, dvds encode and burn fine.

The problem is when l want to burn a second copy thru Nero 6 it gets to 80% complete and the ‘used read buffer’ drops to 0%.

It completes the burn, but then in movie playback it has an error and whalla - another coaster is created.

Why does it work thru DVD shrink (which uses Nero to burn anyway)?? and then doesnt burn thru Nero directly…add to that, it worked fine for the first few movies, but now it isnt.

Same media, no hardware/software changes since… so it has me sfuffed.

Any help would be much appreciated



There were problems reported when using a version before with the 2510A firmwares (and its OEMs). So be sure to update NERO to the current! :wink:
I you already have I don’t know what could be wrong. :confused:

Are you running Nero ??
What is the MID code of the discs that you are using?
Which firmware is loaded on your NEC?