Problem with NEC 2500 and CDr Burn Speed

'm probably somewhat of a dumbass (well I know I am).

I purchased a NEC 2500 with the view to back up some DVD’s.

I haven’t got that far yet.

It wont burn a CDr any faster than 16x.

Flashed it with Herries 1.07 firmware (both options) with the same results.

Set up is a ECS K7VTA3 with AMD 1500+ XP, 512GB Crucial RAM, 2 HDD connected to a Promise ATA133 Controller, Lite-on 167T DVD ROM connected to Master on Primary IDE and NEC2500A connected to Master on Secondary IDE. DMA enabled in Bios and Windows. OS = Win2k Pro, SP4 + Patches, etc.

DiscInfo lists drive as 32x write speed.

Haven’t tested the DVD-R/RW yet as I haven’t even got of the CDr burning test.

Any advise?


check the media with dvdinfopro to see if it is truly 32 or faster media.
next check dma settings
if you are using via drivers try using the base M$ drivers

oh yeah and when graduating to dvd try writing an rw first to make sure that you can get that done without wasting discs

Thankyou, I was just coming back to confirm my stupidity. I have a couple of Maxells kicking about and it was the media. I’m sure they were 52x CD’s I bought, the robbing bastards. (

CD-R burning works fine for most people here. :slight_smile: