Problem with NEC 1.07

I loaded the 1.07 update, and the text all comes up as odd characters and I can’t read any of it.




I suggest you download the thing one more time

the 1,07 from nec should be downloaded from their site at this adr. :

1,07 firmware for nec 1300a

wheile if your using henries version of it, I´d regamende you to do so, its more media type friendly.

it can be found here:

henries version of the firmware

anyways good look with it…

oh and in both cases, all I had to do was double click the .exe file and press the “flash button”, then wait for it to get flashed and then just let it power off. ( which I recamende you do after the flash ). then boot up and marvle at the genious behinde the technologies.