Problem with ND-6750a v.Low speed and burning problem

I have always had speed issues with this burner. Today I tested the speed with Nero CD-DVD speed and I could not even finish the test as it was going to take over an hour. It got about halfway finished with an avg speed of 0.96X.

Also, even though it takes a long time, I have still managed to burn a good amount of discs and about 1 out of 3 will not play in any of my players. I have been using Taiyo Yuden DVD-R’s. And the main player that i use is a LiteOn LVW-5115ghc+.

Firmware update? Bad burner?

Also, I am completely new to updating firmware. I have read that I need a program called Binflash and I have dl’d it. How do i determine which firmware is what i need for my burner/problem?

First, make sure DMA mode 2 is enabled.

Also a warning about updating slimline drives, it can be dangerous. Read more:

Which firmware is on the drive?

Firmware is 2.01.

I went to device manager, IDE ATA/APAPI controllers, and the primary and secondary controllers both say DMA if available. I don’t see an option to change it on the Intel 82801CAM ultra ATA storage controlle-248A. Is that how you make sure DMA mode 2 is enabled?

Then you have IAA running?

I would stay with a 2.01 firmware, one of them.

I’m not sure what you mean by IAA. How do I check that? If you mean IDE/ATA/APAPI then yea i think its running bc it says the primary and secondary controllers are working properly.

This is driving me crazy :sad:

I just flashed the 2.01 firmware (the same firmware the comes with it) and it didn’t make any improvements. Should i try a different version? Or is that probably not the problem?

You said your IDE channels said “DMA if available” in Device Manager…what’s the Current Transfer Mode?

Also - IAA = Intel Application Accelerator.


Primary device 0: Ultra DMA Mode 5
Primary device 1: PIO Mode

Secondary device 0: Not applicable
Secondary device 1: Not applicable

Ouch, PIO mode.

“Primary Device 1” - is that your burner? If it is, right click it, click “Uninstall”, reboot and let Windows re-detect it.

That should put it into the correct DMA mode. :slight_smile:

how do i tell if that is my burner? Sorry about my noobish self

Do you only have one Primary and one Secondary channel?

If so, Device 1 on the Primary channel will be your burner :slight_smile:

yea only 1 channel for each

so uninstall the channel?

No, just the “Device 1” on your Primary channel. Then reboot :slight_smile:

ok it has now changed to Ultra DMA mode 2. The burning now caps out at 4.1X and after the burning process is done it doesn’t seem like there has been anything written to the disc. My computer just sees it as a blank disc.

Then burn with VERIFY enabled.

Keep an eye on this thread about NEC read problems - a lot of people seem to be experiencing similar things, and they might come up with a fix in there. :wink:

ok just did that, it burns, then when it gets to verifying it freezes at 1% and doesn’t budge. :sad: :sad:

should i just give up and get a new burner?